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Dragos Tudose (Senior Manager)


Dragos is a Senior Manager at BluCP in Bucharest.

How did you get to join BCP?

After 12 years of corporate banking, I was interested in shifting my career towards a niche where I could leverage the expertise gained throughout this time; and advisory was a natural choice. During those days, I had the opportunity to meet Tudor Mafteianu, the founder of Blu Capital Partners. It only took a couple of fruitful interactions to understand that Blu CP, a boutique investment banking firm, was perfectly matching my career aims. Enthusiastic about Tudor's vision and commitment, backed by a relevant track record, I decided to join a team that helps its customers attain the next level in corporate finance.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

There are countless fulfilling aspects of a profession that is so customer-centric and dynamic. Just to mention some of them, the satisfaction of customers for which we secured the right deal, with the right investor, is priceless. Also, the numerous interactions along the way, with C-level executives, finance professionals, entrepreneurs, and founders contribute to an exquisite experience that builds know-how, foster relationship, and enlarges perspectives.

What advice would you share with someone considering a career with BCP?

Make the most of this opportunity! There are numerous things you will learn at BCP, as you will be part of a team where every opinion is valued. At BCP each team member is assigned certain parts of a project, so you will navigate through the entire deal cycle and benefit from multi-lateral exposure. You need to be passionate, and keen to assimilate new information within this highly dynamic environment.

What do you think is unique about BCP?

Besides our relevant track record, investor relations, deep transactional knowledge, and market expertise, we stand out as being uniquely nimble and flexible. We are efficient because we streamline our processes and count on the team’s input at any time. Every colleague has the chance to share their thoughts in real time, to the benefit of our dynamic day-to-day environment. Every transaction is different, so is every one of us; that’s why at BCP collaboration and team engagement are paramount.