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Blu Capital Partners (BCP) is an entrepreneurial firm founded in the middle of the technology boom in 2019, borne out of a vision to offer high quality bespoke investment banking services to a rapidly evolving tech sector.

This timing has given us a unique perspective point on the ebb and flow of tech trends, empowering us to navigate effectively, think long-term, and to cultivate a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenge that technology firms face.

Our founder, Tudor Mafteianu, comes from a background in global investment firms including AlpInvest Partners (The Carlyle Group), Rothschild and Intermediate Capital Group. After being involved in over 40 private investment transactions exceeding €2 billion in value, Tudor saw an untapped opportunity within the tech sector - an industry known for its constant flux and exponential growth.

His vision for BCP was to set a new standard in investment banking advisory services by merging the proficiency and service quality of larger firms with the personalized touch of a boutique firm. This vision was underpinned by five core principles: 

  1. A clear focus on the challenges and opportunities within the Technology sector;
  2. A research-driven approach that leverages insights to inform strategy;
  3. A clear alignment of interests between the advisor and the client;
  4. Flexibility across the capital structure, offering a one-stop solution for tech CEOs; and
  5. An extensive network of investor relationships.

BCP has been growing organically from its initial, local ambitions, to an international reputation and client base, with a pan-European coverage, maintaining an accountable and ethical approach to business.