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Leafway Group Co.

Leafway Group & Co. (LWG) is the group holding company of investment banking advisory activities (Blu Capital Partners), as well related activities including: 

Investment Banking Advisory

- Investment Banking Toolkit (IBT) - A Do It Yourself toolkit for Investment Banking with on-demand support from senior bankers; IBT will be available to Technology Founders and CEOs online; 
- Revive Capital Partners (RCP) - International Investment Banking Advisory services in any sector focused on Romania;

Technology Platforms

Addressed to Founders, C-Level Executives and High Net Worth Individuals
- Debt Flows (DT) - A one stop shop for financing solutions. A marketplace where technology companies in Europe can access debt financing solutions through an online marketplace connecting dozens of debt providers to you at the best terms and at the right time.
- Access Point (AP) - Online marketplace facilitating business owners, CEOs and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) access to relevant business services and/or products (e.g. private banking, management consulting, treasury, luxury products & services, etc.). 

Venture Studio

- Leafway Venture Studio (LVS): A value-driven venture studio supported by BCP's investment banking advisory team. We are an “idea factory” with our own FTEs engaged in searching for product/market fit and a repeatable and scalable business model. Incubates our own ideas and ideas from our partners. We build the MVP, then validate the idea -> product/market fit and early customers, then seek external capital and management for the MVPs. 


- Investments realized from LWG's balance sheet as proprietary investments or as co-investments with investment banking clients or financial partners; 

More information will be made available at a later point on Leafway Group & Co.'s website. 

In the meantime, should you be interested to learn more about Leafway Group & Co. please reach out to Tudor Mafteianu, Founder & CEO at tudor.mafteianu [at]