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Get accurate, personalized business valuations based on +1 million transactions in a matter of days at ~50% of price vs. competition.*

Tailored Valuation Service

Tailored Valuation Service

Valuation tailored specifically to your business, offering rapid and efficient assessments.

Multiple Methodologies

Multiple Methodologies

Multiple valuation methodologies targeting variation of max +/- 15% from an M&A valuation.

Sector Experience & Focus

Sector Experience & Focus

BCP bankers have experience in valuing companies in +100 sectors and niches.

Mid-Market Specialists

Mid-Market Specialists

BCP is a specialist investment banking firm in M&A, growth capital and valuation for small and mid-sized businesses.

Multiple Methodologies

Data Driven based on +1 million Transactions

We underpin our valuation opinion on +1 million transactions, from +150 countries in +1,000 industries.

M&A or Growth Capital Preparation

M&A or Growth Capital Preparation

Ideal for preparing for M&A (partial exit or full exit) or growth capital (private equity or venture capital) or other similar project

Senior banker validation

Senior banker validation

Two pair of eyes process whereas 2 BCP bankers review the valuation, including 1 senior banker.

Fast Delivery

*Fast Delivery

Only 5 working days for delivery after receipt of information.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

~50% of the price vs competition.

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Personalized Valuations

Why Work With Us?

Our bankers are experienced in M&A and Growth Equity transactions, and understand the importance of personalizing valuation for every sector and business.


Customized Valuation for your Business

We have expertise in a variety of sector and leverage a variety of valuation techniques tailored to value your specific business, ensuring precision and reliability.


Mid-Market Experts

We are experts in small and mid-sized businesses, having valued hundreds of businesses, and understand how much a mid-sized business is worth for strategic or financial investors.


Relevant in M&A or Growth Equity Deals

We are not theoretical; we assess business value in a potential M&A or Growth Equity transaction. In addition we provide you operational, strategic, and/or financial levers to increase your company's value.

Streamlined Process

What are next steps?

Streamlined process providing you a business valuation in a matter of days, not weeks or months.


Complete Form to Receive Personalized Quotation by Email

Complete the above-mentioned form with basic contact and company details, after which you will receive a quotation for your business by email.


Sign Contract and Choose Payment Schedule

In the email with the quotation, you will be able either to book a call with a senior banker or to provide information to receive the contract (legal name, address, representative, registration / VAT number, etc.) and have us start your valuation.


Book a call with a Senior Banker

You will have the opportunity to discuss your company's situation with a BCP Senior Banker.


Provide Data

In order to perform the valuation of your company, we require certain information about your company. You will receive a questionnaire to walk you through the data we need to perform the valuation.


Research & Analysis

BCP's bankers will analyze the data provided by you during our call, and will research for transaction in your industry and region. We will perform your business valuation based on appropriate methodologies.


Valuation Opinion Delivery

At up to 5 business days after you provide the data, we will send you our business valuation opinion report, as well as the final payment link/invoice (unless you chose to pay a discounted upfront rate).

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Learn how much your business is worth
  • Bespoke valuation for your business.

  • Comprehensive market data & insights from +1 million transactions in 1,000 sectors from +150 countries.

  • Investment bankers experienced in M&A and growth equity transactions.

  • Performed in 5 working days thanks to streamlined bpc process.

  • Only ~50% price vs competition.

AIC Group - Maurizio Rossetto (CFO)
BCP has effectively valued our business in the context of a strategic partnership with a potential investor. BCP has considered all relevant historical and future developments of our business.
Maurizio RossettoChief Financial Officer (CFO) at AIC Group
Augsburg International - Gina Iordache (CEO)
BCP carefully advised us not only for an accurate valuation of our business for an M&A transaction; but also for selecting the right partner and for structuring, negotiating and successfully completing the M&A transaction with the number 5 player in Europe in our business.
Gina IordacheChief Executive Officer (CEO) at Augsburg International
Axigen - Bogdan Moldovan (CEO)
The valuation from BCP made business sense, and BCP’s recommendations helped us understand the valuation drivers and potential pitfalls in the valuation of the target company. The valuation from BCP allowed us to mature our thinking in structuring the transaction to ensure alignment of interest between our firm and the seller.
Bogdan MoldovanChief Executive Officer (CEO) at Axigen Messaging

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Tailored Valuation Solutions

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