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Debt Capital Advisory

Navigating the complexities of debt financing with expert guidance

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Blu Capital Partners offers comprehensive debt capital advisory services to clients seeking innovative and tailored financing solutions. Our team possesses the technical expertise, industry knowledge, and extensive network of contacts to help our clients secure optimal debt financing structures.

Bank Debt

Our experience in working with a multitude of banks allows us to assist clients in structuring, negotiating, and sourcing traditional bank debt, including secured and unsecured loans. We aim to ensure favorable terms, suitable covenants, and appropriate flexibility to meet our clients' strategic objectives.

Private Debt

In an increasingly complex lending environment, we help our clients access private debt solutions tailored to their unique needs. We guide our clients in evaluating the benefits of these non-bank lending sources, assisting them in the process from initial negotiations through to transaction completion.

Mezzanine Debt

For clients seeking capital without diluting equity, mezzanine debt provides an attractive solution. Our team possesses the skills and connections to help our clients identify, structure, and negotiate mezzanine financing opportunities.

Venture Debt

For rapidly growing, often pre-profitability, companies in the tech and innovation sectors, venture debt can be an effective tool to finance their growth. Blu Capital Partners has a deep understanding of the venture debt market and can assist in structuring and raising venture debt capital.

Revenue-Based Financing

Our team at Blu Capital Partners is skilled in structuring innovative financing solutions such as revenue-based financing. This can provide a flexible alternative to traditional debt or equity financing, particularly suitable for businesses with strong recurring revenues.


For companies facing financial stress, Blu Capital Partners offers advisory services on debt restructuring. Our team supports clients throughout the restructuring process, with the goal of creating a sustainable capital structure that supports future growth.

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Blu Capital Partners focuses on providing independent and strategic advice tailored to our clients' needs. Our objective is to develop and implement the optimal capital structure for our clients, allowing them to navigate their growth journey with financial stability and resilience.