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Alex Staicu (Analyst)

Alex is an Investment Banking Analyst at BluCP in Bucharest.

How did you get to join BCP?

I first met Tudor Mafteianu in Amsterdam, where I was completing my Master's degree in Corporate Finance & Banking. At that point in time, Blu CP was not recruiting. However, I was thrilled by the idea of working in a young and ambitious team. Thus, after graduating and completing an internship in investment banking at a big Romanian bank, I applied for an open position at Blu CP. After several rounds of interviews and a 72h case study, I joined this amazing team in the Bucharest office.

What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

There are plenty of fulfilling aspects about my job, starting from the daily dose of adrenaline rush that does not allow me to fall into a routine, to the massive exposure I get to industry leaders that help me build a more comprehensive view of the world. However, I believe that this is the closest environment to a meritocracy, and being judged based only on the strength of my abilities is the most fulfilling and reassuring aspect of this job.

What advice would you share with someone considering a career with BCP?

Be passionate about what you are doing. We are a team of unique individuals, with different backgrounds and skill sets. Nonetheless, we are all very driven and passionate about what we are doing.Bring your true self, both at the interviews and in the office. You heard it before, but we mean it. Besides your hard skills, we are passionate about seeing people grow personally and professionally and want to see if our team is the best environment for you to develop your best self. The Blu CP culture is well defined and we want to attract like-minded people that can thrive in this environment.

What do you think is unique about BCP?

I believe that BCP is unique in so many aspects. However, I believe that the most important aspect is that everyone is encouraged to explain their ideas freely and clearly while being sure that everyone is receptive to them. Our flat “hierarchy pyramid” makes you feel the support of the people around you from the very beginning.