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Experienced Professionals

As entrepreneurs operating within an emerging corporate framework, we offer compelling opportunities to experienced professionals. 

We seek out experienced professionals who embody an entrepreneurial spirit and appreciate the chance to work in a dynamic, nimble and digitalized investment banking advisory firm. We value individuals who embrace leadership, autonomy and resource management to deliver the highest quality of work towards the best outcomes for BCP's clients, and for themselves. While we award high levels of autonomy, this implies high levels of responsibility, as well high levels of rewards. 

We provide our professionals the opportunity to actively build the a reputation and significant industry relationships for BCP and for themselves, while achieving success for our clients. Each team member is proud to be part of the growth process within an emerging firm where each of us has a significant impact, rather than working within a rigid, established structure. We foster a culture of ownership and collaboration, empowering everyone to play a vital role in shaping our shared success.


How do I apply?

All candidates should send their application to careers [at] If you are interested in one role or practice in particular, please make this clear in your application.

When should I apply?

We do not have deadlines; opportunities are available on an on-rolling basis.

What format should my application be (CV, cover letter, other document)?

We expect all attachments be in PDF form.

Should I still apply if I did not study Finance?

Yes, we seek to recruit talented people from all academic backgrounds. However, we expect a strong level of corporate finance and investment banking knowledge irrespective of the formal education.

Does BCP hire foreign nationals?

While at this point we do not sponsor work vias, we do not reject candidates who need an appropriate work authorization. You are free to apply, we will consider your application(s) for the corresponding areas of the firm. Any offer of employment issued will be subject to immigration approval being obtained prior to your start date.

When can I expect to hear back regarding the status of my application?

Generally, if you do not hear back within 3 weeks it implies your application has not been taken forward at this point in time. Now doesn't mean never, hence please re-apply in minimum 6 months time should you still like to pursue a role with BCP

What type of professional development programs does BCP offer?

We offer a brief training for entry-level hires, in addition to offering ongoing training and development opportunities at all the different stages of a professional’s career. We have an agile training packaged that is consummated in a mixed format (self-training and team training). In the future, we can consider engaging our entry-level hires in 3rd party investment banking analyst training.

Are there opportunities for mobility?

While we don't have a formal mobility program just yet, we are currently in the application process to enter a global M&A network with partner firms in 40 countries, in which case the M&A network partner firms can welcome mobility exchanges on a case-by-base basis, for periods of 6-12 months